Quickie Intro before the fun begins

It’s a no brainer YOI’s going to have a second season after Kubo-sensei’s explicit interest in making it and the series’ selling more than 5 times it’s own target DVD sales. Not to mention winning nearly every category in Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards!

It was a pretty risky series to begin with as it had no light novel or manga to precede it. The animation and research that went into it took years to develop for its brief run (October-December). One thing’s for certain: It’s captivated the world, not just by portraying queer themes like queer glow sticks (and had a clever explanation for its initial queer-baiting), but because it had unforgettable characters, emotional depth, a rousing romance that keeps you at the edge of your seat, and an insightful, intimate look at a beautiful sport–which was praised for its accuracy by the figure skating community, professionals and fans alike.

Because of it’s powerful entrance and impact, it’s going to take a while before we get a second season (siigghhh!). So, what does a frustrated fan do to bear the wait?

Continue their stories as Sims!

Relive, recreate, rediscover the magic of the characters through a virtual world. Much like role-playing except lazier thanks to the inclusion of personalities and emotions to make our beloved characters closer to us than ever, YOI doesn’t have to end just yet.

This is just the beginning!

About the AU

To be honest, I just wing through stuff but if you must know;

  • Just letting the characters set the story with minimal intervention from me. They’re guided by their set personalities, goals, and dispositions.
  • Yuuri is fat but everyone else was made according to their ideal figure skating body type. I was thinking somebody oughta help Yuuri with his weight but as Sims goes, things don’t go according to plan.
  • Victor and Yuuri are not pre-set to be a couple so we get to see their courtship.
  • More as we go! You can suggest me some prompts if you’d like. Maybe a vacation to another city, a visit to a cursed house, competition, etc.
  • Fun fact: Dopplegangers! I evicted a trial household consisting of Yuuri, Yuri, and Victor thinking they would be deleted from the world. Turns out they’re out and about in the same city as the canon household I chose to play as! What if Yuuri hooked up with Yuuri 2 or Victor 2?

Meet the Skaters (Teaser)


See them here (frequently updating).

List of AU Episodes

Episode 1


Thank you for reading! Please like, comment, or share to your friends. I’m open to prompt submissions, too! (For example, moving into a cursed mansion.)